Southwest Greens Play Turf Creates A Dry Play Area

Whether it is the rain and snow in the winter that will never dry or the hard thunderstorms in the summer that can dump inches of rain in a short period of time, our weather in North Carolina can make it hard to go outside for play time and fresh air.  At home or in a school setting, there is no easy way to explain to children that although the sun is shining and the sky is blue, they can still not go outside to play because the play area is a muddy mess.

Southwest Greens play turf is the perfect solution to alleviate such problems.  Our Play 40 and Play 50line of turf, designed exclusively for us by our parent company Show Industries, has been developed specifically with children and play areas in mind.  The durable blend of materials can withstand constant foot traffic throughout the year while resisting matting like most turfs on the market today.  Better yet, the superior drainage that the backing of our turf offers and our installation procedures ensure a dry surface that is ready to play on as soon as the sun comes out!  No more need to wait for the muddy mess to hopefully dry up.

Our Play line of turf can also be matched with Hydrochill, our exclusive turf cooling system that significantly lowers the surface temperature of turf, to provide a dry, durable, and cooler solution for play areas.  Give us a call today to find out even more about or Play line of turf and our Hydrochill technology.  Together, these materials can make your play area more usable and increase the value of your school or home!