Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of investing in synthetic lawn turf?

Synthetic lawn turf gives you the beauty of green grass year round. You never have to mow, fertilize, trim or aerate, which means more time enjoying your beautiful surroundings instead of maintaining them. And since synthetic lawn doesn’t need to be watered, you’ll save money as well.

How durable is the turf and how long will it typically last?

Turf from Southwest Greens of Raleigh is designed to stand up to blistering heat, extreme cold and heavy traffic. All our turf products come with a one year workmanship warranty as well as a five to eight year manufacturer’s warranty. Our turf is UV and fade resistant so the lush green color is engineered to last for years of worry-free enjoyment.

Isn’t artificial turf the same thing as carpet or flooring?

The technology behind artificial turf has made great strides so scratchy, bright green artificial turf is a thing of the past. Crafted of high quality polypropylene, artificial turf from Southwest Greens of Raleigh perfectly mimics the look, feel and play of natural grass. Whether you are looking for a professional-quality artificial putting green or soft, long-bladed turf for a back yard application, each of our products represents the latest in artificial turf technology.

How do I maintain synthetic turf products?

Maintaining synthetic turf products could not be easier. For most turf applications, you can simply remove leaves and loose debris with a leaf blower, and clean the surface with a garden hose. For golf greens, we suggest professional maintenance every 12 to 18 months, including inspecting areas around the cups and rolling the greens to maintain a smooth, high performing putting surface.

How long does it take to install a synthetic golf green or other synthetic turf product?

As with any construction project, installation time depends on the size and complexity of the job. In general, residential projects can usually be completed within a day or two. Once we understand the scope of your particular project we will provide you with an installation estimate and schedule.

Is residential golf green construction expensive?

A residential golf green from Southwest Greens of Raleigh is a great way to add value to your home. Prices range from $12-$20 per square foot installed, depending on the size and complexity of your project. Factor in the minimal maintenance requirements and the enjoyment of having a golf green right outside your door and it’s easy to see why the return on this investment is very high.

What makes a Southwest Greens of Raleigh golf green better than one made of nylon?

When it comes to golf greens, performance is paramount. Natural turf changes with the climate; ball speed increases when it’s warm and decreases when it’s cool and damp. Nylon can’t mimic these changes, but golf greens from Southwest Greens of Raleigh can. With our Pro System products you’ll get the second to none look, feel and performance that makes it a pleasure to play.