Why Artificial Turf?

Raleigh-Artificial-Truff29Artificial turf technology has moved light years away from the scratchy neon green artificial grass that looked anything but natural. Southwest Greens has pioneered new artificial turf that mimics real grass in every way. High and low blades with natural color variations provide a lush, realistic look and feel that stays cool even on the hottest days. When Southwest Greens of Raleigh installs products from Southwest Greens, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • No watering, fertilizing or mowing needed, which saves you time and money
  • No fading, even in direct sunlight
  • Pet-friendly
  • Will not fray and tear like nylon turf products
  • Superior spring-back blades are ideal for high traffic areas
  • Year round indoor greens means year round play

Southwest Greens of Raleigh products are ideal for:

  • Golf courses and putting greens
  • Residential lawns
  • Sports fields
  • Apartment and condo complexes
  • Hotels
  • Schools, daycares and parks
  • Common areas in office buildings and commercial spaces

Turf from Southwest Greens of Raleigh is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and stands up to the harshest conditions. And, our turf green construction experts can install even the most complex job quickly, so you’re just days away from enjoying a beautiful, low maintenance space for years to come.